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Computer Science and Dept. of Engineering are granted DKK 11m for their share in the MADE Digital project

Innovation Fund Denmark is the main investor and the project is running 2017-19. MADE Digital strengthens Danish Industry with digital technology. CS contributes within Smart Products and Augmented Reality, and Kaj Grønbæk is the Workpackage Leader.

MADE Digital addresses a number of core challenges in the so-called Industry 4.0 trend and strengthens Danish Industry with digital technology. Kaj Grønbæk and the UBI group mainly contribute with research in Augmented Reality to provide digital assistance to human processes in production, commissioning, and service of industrial products. Industrial environments are particular challenging with respect to tracking, display, interaction and performance of Augmented Reality systems. Kaj Grønbæk and the UBI group also collaborate with Prof. Peter Gorm Larsen at ENG, AU on research within product ecosystems and Internet of Things to support development of Smart Products, that provides both physical functionality and digital services via internet connectivity, data collection, and cloud based functionality. The MADE Digital project is a 196 mio DKK effort in total involving more than 50 industrial companies, 5 universities, as well as 3 GTS institutions, including the local Alexandra Institute.

See more at www.made.dk.