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AUFF grant FounData

Ira Assent and Susanne Bødker received an AUFF grant for their project entitled "FounData: Creating tools and methods for Data Foundations". The project has been funded as part of the AUFF NOVA scheme

The project focuses on methods to determine the quality of data and data analysis products. Located at the intersection of data management and human computer interaction, it studies human understanding of interfaces and representations, and how to engage with and relate to these. It contributes concepts of critical questioning of data and data products, as well as conceptual and technical solutions that aid lay people in the use of and interaction with data sources and products.

A PhD position is available in connection with the new project. See the call and apply here: http://talent.au.dk/phd/scienceandtechnology/opencalls/calls-on-specific-projects/february-2016/phd-position-in-data-management-meets-user-interface-design/