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Aarhus University and Infosys enters a strategic agreement

Aarhus University and Department of Computer Science enters a strategic agreement with Indian IT-company Infosys in the presence of the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who is currently visiting India.

“We are really pleased to enter this agreement with InfoSys, as it is the start of a strategic research collaboration. InfoSys has expressed interest in funding research projects and researchers at the Department of Computer Science to gain access to the core research competencies, which the department is internationally recognized for,” says head of department Kaj Grønbæk, and continues; "InfoSys has shown particular interest in our research in cybersecurity, blockchains, machine learning, visual analytics and data privacy, but the agreement is open to other areas. With the collaboration, the department and Aarhus University will get access to a huge talent pool in India. "