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8 papers accepted at Crypto 22

From August 13-18, cryptographic researchers from all over the world will gather in Santa Barbara for the Crypto 22 conference. The conference recently announced all accepted papers, and 12 researchers from the department have co-authored 8 of the accepted papers. This is a remarkable accomplishment as there is great competition at Crypto 22, and certainly underlines the strength and significance of the work done by the Cryptography and Security group.

The Crypto & Security Group at Aarhus University. Photo by Simon Hoggan Christensen.

Crypto 2022 will take place in Santa Barbara, California from August 13-18. Below is a list of the eight accepted papers co-authored by a researcher from the department:

  • An Algebraic Framework for Silent Preprocessing with Trustless Setup and Active Security
    Damiano Abram, Ivan Damgård, Claudio Orlandi, Peter Scholl
    Aarhus University
  • Some Easy Instances of Ideal-SVP and Implications to the Partial Vandermonde Knapsack Problem
    Katharina Boudgoust, Erell Gachon, Alice Pellet-Mary
    Aarhus University, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS and Université de Bordeaux
  • MuSig-L: Lattice-Based Multi-Signature With Single-Round Online Phase
    Cecilia Boschini, Akira Takahashi, Mehdi Tibouchi
    Technion and Reichman University, Aarhus University, NTT Corporation
  • Le Mans: Dynamic and Fluid MPC for Dishonest Majority
    Rahul Rachuri, Peter Scholl
    Aarhus University
  • Moz$\mathbb{Z}_{2^k}$zarella: Efficient Vector-OLE and Zero-Knowledge Proofs Over $\mathbb{Z}_{2^k}$
    Carsten Baum, Lennart Braun, Alexander Munch-Hansen, Peter Scholl
    Aarhus University
  • Correlated Pseudorandomness from Expand-Accumulate Codes
    Elette Boyle, Geoffroy Couteau, Niv Gilboa, Yuval Ishai, Lisa Kohl, Nicolas Resch, Peter Scholl
    IDC Herzliya & NTT Research, CNRS, IRIF, Université de Paris, Ben-Gurion University, Technion, CWI, Aarhus University

  • Formalizing Delayed Adaptive Corruptions and the Security of Flooding Networks
    Christian Matt, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Søren Eller Thomsen
    Concordium, Aarhus University
  • Public Randomness Extraction with Ephemeral Roles and Worst-Case Corruptions
    Jesper Buus Nielsen, João Ribeiro, Maciej Obremski
    Aarhus University, Carnegie Mellon University, National University of Singapore

See the list of all the 99 papers accepted at Crypto 22: https://crypto.iacr.org/2022/acceptedpapers.php