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$1,6 million to Coana from Sequoia Capital

Congratulations to the entire Coana team, who has raised $1.6 million in a preseed round led by Sequoia Capital 🎉🎉

Coana is deeply rooted into the department where three of the founders - Anders MøllerBenjamin Barslev Nielsen, and Martin Torp - met as PhD students and supervisor. Via their research projects they hit upon a “technical breakthrough” discovering a new technique for analyzing and understanding large, JavaScript-based applications. In 2021, they founded Coana, and CEO Anders Søndergaard joined as co-founder in 2022.

Coana changes how vulnerabilities in open source dependencies are handled. Developed by top academic researchers from a leading research group in Denmark, Coana's advanced reachability analysis filters out up to 95% of irrelevant alerts, significantly reducing the current vulnerability management workload for software businesses. See more on their website https://www.coana.tech/.