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New Sapere Aude Research Leaders at the Department

- CS frontpage

Congratulations to assistant professors Davide Mottin and Chris Rene Schwiegelshohn who have been selected as Sapere Aude Research Leaders 2021 by Independent Research Fund Denmark. Both Mottin and Schwiegelshohn are tenue track assistant professors hired by Department of Computer Science under the Aarhus University’s digitalisation initiative, which aims to ensure that Denmark remains at the forefront of IT by making substantial investments in IT research and education.


“I am very proud that two of our young researchers’ talent and potential are acknowledge by the Independent Research Fund Denmark with this Sapere Aude grant. This allows them to continue their work on complex graphs and the algorithmic challenges of big data. I am sure their research will lead to innovative results that can create a great impact in society,” says head of department Kaj Grønbæk.