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Online Talk with Daniel Feher: How private is a privacy-based blockchain? A study on Zcash

19.03.2020 | Malene B. B. Andersen

Date Mon 23 Mar
Time 14:00 15:00
Location https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/292326111

Please note that this is an online talk - Join the talk here: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/292326111

Title: How private is a privacy-based blockchain? A study on Zcash

Abstract:  With the growth in popularity for cryptocurrencies the need for privacy preserving blockchains is growing as well. Zcash is such a blockchain, providing transaction privacy through zero-knowledge proofs. In this talk first we analyze transaction linkability in Zcash based on the currency minting transactions (mining), significantly reducing the number of private transactions. We further study these remaining private transactions and show ways to fingerprint them, including active attacks. We introduce two new attacks which we call Danaan-gift attack and Dust attack.

About the speaker: Daniel Feher is a Doctoral researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust at Université du Luxembourg https://wwwen.uni.lu/snt/people/daniel_feher.

About the seminar: The seminar is hosted by Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus (COBRA). The COBRA Seminars are weekly seminars open to everyone with an interest in blockchain. Further details about COBRA and the weekly seminars can be found on the center website: https://cs.au.dk/research/centers/concordium/  

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