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onsdag 25. maj 2022, kl. 16:00 - fredag 27. maj 2022, kl. 14:00


Copenhagen Business School 3 Solbjerg Plads ROOM SP103 - 1st floor Solbjerg Plads 2000 Frederiksberg


Free DKK

About this event

The illicit exploitation of natural resources has become the largest financial driver of conflict globally, even larger than the drug trade. According to The Atlas of Illicit Flows by Interpol, it accounts for 38% of illegal financial flows, compared to 28% for the drug trade.

Whether through the illegal harvesting of coal, fuel, mining, logging, wildlife crime or human smuggling, the problem is clear – terrorist groups, criminal cartels and other non-state armed groups are the main drivers of global conflict, financed by exploitation within natural resources. Painfully, an increasing share of this money is coming from Europe, which plays a consequential role in destabilizing safety, peace and development globally.

Together with Infinitech, Copenhagen Business School and Bruun & Hjejle, Copenhagen Fintech is hosting a hackathon to give you the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat of creating global impact. To support you on this journey, we are partnering with financial players, tech companies and non-profits to provide you with data sets to combat illegal natural resource exploitation.

Do you have an idea for:

  • Building trustworthy data sources?
  • Tracking the global flow of resources, for instance using satellite imagery?
  • Establishing a reliable first point in the global supply chain of natural resources?
  • Or just another crazy take on how to stop the financing of illegal exploitation of resources?

We want you! Join us from March 25-27, 2022 at Copenhagen Business School to work towards helping us solve one of the world’s biggest problems. The team that develops the best proof of concept will receive 20 000 DKK , as well as seats in Copenhagen Fintech’s pre-incubation/incubation program in summer/fall 2022.

If you are interested to learn more about the program and partners, check out our website for more information or reach out to us at mst@copenhagenfintech.dk