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Friday lecture talk by Olivier Danvy on Singular Choices for Multiple Choice

Joint work with Martin Eik Rasmussen

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Fredag 9. september 2016,  kl. 14:00 - 15:00


Peter Bøgh Auditorium


Ten years ago, Frandsen and Schwartzbach devised a scoring strategy for multiple-choice exams that credits partial knowledge and levels out guessing.  The goal of this talk is to describe a decade of experience using and evolving this mathematics-based scoring strategy.  The evolved scoring strategy equalizes the implicit weight of each question by default and makes this weight an optional parameter for each question.  The evolved exams are more understandable and predictible both for the examiner and for the examinee.  Partial credit can also be modulated, which provides a measure of the spread of knowledge of the examinee.


Olivier Danvy is interested in all aspects of programming languages, from their logic and semantics to their implementation, including programming and transforming programs.  His alma mater (other mother) is the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI, 1986, 1993) in France, and his alma socrus (other mother-in-law (he is married to a Dane)) is Aarhus University (2006).