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DM i AI for students 2022

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tirsdag 4. oktober 2022, kl. 10:00 - mandag 10. oktober 2022, kl. 14:00


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Danish National Champion in AI 2022

40,000 DKK and the title of Danish National Champion in AI will be awarded to the talented winner.

5,000 DKK will be awarded to the two runner ups.

The prize is awarded together with the DM in AI trophy at Digital Tech Summit in Bella Center Copenhagen.

Time and venue:

4. – 10. October 2022

You can choose to participate alone, or in a team.
PhD students are welcome to participate but will not be eligible for the winning prize.

There will be an upstart event on some of the Universities.

Date: 04.10.22 at 10.00: start of the competition – the use-cases will be revealed

Date: 10.10.22 at 14.00: Deadline for submission of solutions to the use-cases

Date: 25.10.22: Presentation of prizes at the Digital Tech Summit in Bella Center Copenhagen