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CS Colloquium - Magnus Madsen: What you should know about declarative programming

Inaugural lecture

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Fredag 1. november 2019,  kl. 15:15 - 16:00


Building 5510-104 (INCUBA Lille Aud.)

Today, most software is written in imperative and object-oriented programming languages, but functional programming languages are on the rise. In this talk, I will present another, often overlooked paradigm: declarative logic programming. A declarative programmer defines a collection of logic constraints that specify the result of a computation, but he or she does not implement the exact procedure used for the computation itself. The key tenet of declarative programming is to separate “the what” from “the how”, i.e. the specification from its implementation. In this talk, I will give a brief introduction to Datalog, a popular declarative logic programming language that is well-suited for recursive queries on graphs. I will also touch my research on Datalog and its realization in the Flix programming language.

Magnus Madsen received his PhD from Aarhus University where he was supervised by Anders Møller.
During his studies, he did research internships at Microsoft Research (USA) and Samsung Research America (USA). He still misses the Californian sun.
After his PhD, he travelled to Waterloo, Canada where he did a post doc with Ond?ej Lhoták. It was also there he met his girlfriend. He does not miss the winters!
With his post doc complete, he went to Aalborg University as an assistant professor, before returning to Aarhus University.
Magnus has recently received a grant from the independent research foundation to fund his first PhD student.


Inaugural lecture followed by a reception