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CS Colloquium - Andreas Pavlogiannis:The challenge of program verification (and a bit of biology)

Is my program bug-free? Can it leak sensitive information? Can it take forever to run?

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Fredag 4. oktober 2019,  kl. 15:15 - 16:00


Building 5510-104 (INCUBA lille Aud.)

Program verification is the most ancient problem of computer science, yet one of the most relevant of today. In this talk, I will give a high-level view of program verification, and glance into some of the approaches we take to tackle all the hard problems that lie underneath. I will conclude with some applications of such techniques to other domains, specifically to executable biology and mathematical evolution.


On September 1 2019, Andreas started as an Assistant Professor in the Programming Languages Group. Andreas' research interests revolve around the algorithmic and mathematical analysis of systems. His primary line of work is on formal verification of software and programming languages, with an emphasis on quantitative and concurrency aspects. Andreas develops algorithms which reason about system correctness and performance, and typically provide soundness/completeness/complexity guarantees. Examples include algorithms for fast dataflow analysis, quantitative static analysis, stateless model checking, predictive techniques and cache management. He also studies evolutionary systems, mainly ones that arise in a biological or social context. To this end, Andreas contributes to the fields of evolutionary graph theory and evolutionary game theory.

Inaugural lecture followed by a reception - everyone is invited!