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AUHack 2023

AUHack is Denmarks’s largest hackathon for students. Over a 36-hour period from March 24th to 26th, students interested in IT will meet, form groups and work intensively to create awesome prototypes and concepts. Whether you like to concept develop, design or code, if you’re into IT – this is for you. Ideate, build, play, hack, share, learn and have fun! The goal for the weekend is to come up with new ideas, play with technology and make cool stuff. It is not about creating finished products, but an opportunity to share your ideas with different people, build inspiring hacks, learn from our mentors and just have fun.

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fredag 24. marts 2023, kl. 16:00 - søndag 26. marts 2023, kl. 12:00


Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University




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