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Arriving by plane

To reach Denmark you can fly into one of three airports: Copenhagen, Billund, or Tirstrup.

Aarhus Airport, Tirstrup (AAR)

Is a smaller airport and the airport situated closest to the city of Aarhus. There is an Aarhus City airport bus meeting every flight. The bus ride to Aarhus is 50 minutes and the fare is 90-DKK (12 EUR) one way. The bus terminal is in front of Aarhus central train station, but upon request the bus stops at the University and at the Radisson Hotel.

WE DO NOT recommend that you take a taxi from Tirstrup airport to Aarhus unless you are willing to pay: 
~ 620 DKK ~83 EUR or ~ 108 $.

Billund airport (BLL)

Is situated 120 km south of Aarhus. There are regular busses from the airport to Aarhus (though not for every flight), see bus schedule. The bus ride to Aarhus is 1 ½ hour and the fare is 180-DKR (24 EUR) one way. The bus terminal is by the main entrance to the Radisson SAS Hotel/Scandinavian Congress Centre, which is close to the central train station.

WE DO NOT recommend that you take a taxi from Billund airport to Aarhus unless you are willing to pay: 
~ 1.300 DKK ~175 EUR or ~ 226 $.

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup (CPH)

The principal international airport in Denmark is situated close to Copenhagen. To get to Aarhus you can either take a domestic flight to Tirstrup (check if there are favourable prize connected to your long distance ticket when booking your ticket) or take the train. Flight time is 40 minutes. The train ride time is 3 ½ hour with a cost of approximately 400DKR (54 EUR) one way.

Arriving by train

There are frequent trains from Copenhagen to Aarhus and also many from Hamburg (and thus the European train network).

For links to interactive maps of travel routes in Denmark use the Journey Planner by DSB.

Our Recommendations

Since trains from Hamburg are relatively slow we recommend flying into Denmark.

There are then basically two options: 1) flying into Copenhagen and taking a short domestic flight flight (40 min) followed by an airport bus (50 min) to Aarhus, and 2) flying into Billund and taking an airport bus (90 minutes) to Aarhus.

Option 1) is often the most convenient if you can get a convenient flight into Copenhagen - mostly because there is an airport bus meeting (and waiting for) every flight. If you fly Scandinavian Airlines or another star alliance carrier into Copenhagen you can often get the Aarhus leg very cheap (check with your travel agent). Taking the train from Copenhagen to Aarhus is also an option - the train departs convenient from below the airport and goes directly to Aarhus (but it takes 3.5 hours).

Option 2) is often convenient if you arrive into one of the major European hubs (like Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris) that all have direct flights to Billund. But make sure to check that there is a airport bus that fits with your flight.




The map (below) gives an overview of the different locations related to MADALGO Summer School 2010.


Some of the listed summer school hotels can be reached on foot from the train station/airport bus stop. 
If you are going to the Aarhus University Guesthouse or Hotel Atletion you might consider taking a cab.

From hotels to conference sites

The distance from city center to MADALGO (where the summer school is held) is approximately 2.8 km (you may consider it walking distance;-). A taxi from city to MADALGO will cost around 100 DKK (~ 17 $ or ~13EUR).

There are also convinient bus connections to the lecture sites:

The red line on the bus route map shows the route of Bus no 7 (with stops) that gets you from Aarhus downtown to MADALGO. The stop for MADALGO is called "Åbogade".

The grey line shows Bus no 8 (with stops) that gets you from Hotel Atletion along the inner ring road to MADALGO. It can also be used (as an alternative to bus 7) from the University Guesthouse. The stop for MADALGO is called "Paludan Müllers Vej/Vanggaard Center".

The bus fare is 19,-DKK it gives you 2 hours of bus ride incuding change to another bus. You buy the ticket in a machine (have coins ready) in the bus (choose the option for an adult two-zone ticket). You can also buy multiple ride tickets at any downtown kiosk and at the train station (10 rides cost 120,-DKK). Note that in Aarhus the door in the front of the bus is only used as an exit door; you enter through the back door in some busses and middle door in other buses.

Finally, Aarhus City Bikes are available (free of charge) at various locations in the downtown area. You simply insert a 20,- DKK coin to get the bike is released when you return the bike (or you can also simply leave the bike and some kid will in all likelihood return it and collect the 20,- DKK).