The Master’s degree programmes at the Department of Computer Science are research-based, full-time degree programmes, which qualify students for employment in the public and the private sectors, nationally as well as internationally, and for admission to a relevant PhD programme.

The Master’s degree programmes have three purposes.

  • Firstly, to enhance students’ specialist knowledge and increase the theoretical and methodical qualifications that students have acquired from their Bachelor’s degree programme.
  • Secondly, to enable students to use advanced elements of computer science theory and methodology.
  • Finally, to qualify the students to pursue and participate in academic work.

The Department of Computer Science offers two strands of Master’s degree programmes:

Jakob is studying IT at the Department of Computer Science

“The atmosphere up here in the IT City is really something else. It’s quite special attending lectures where companies like B&O and Google have offices. It’s quite simply a time to be enjoyed!” (Video in Danish)

Jakob from on Vimeo.