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Keyan and his group adjusting the prototype. Photo: Kaspar Hvid

IT Product Development students show off first-year projects

2018.12.07This week, first semester students in IT-Product Development exhibited their first-year project for teachers, friends and families. The assignment was to create an interactive lamp for the Department’s study café.

Claudio Orlandi. Photo: Peter Hoffmann

Keeping our data safe: the role of multiparty computation

2018.12.07Everyone agrees that some information must be kept private, such as your medical history. But databases that hold such data can be very useful for large scale research, for example in medical trials. How can we use such data while still respecting people's privacy? Three ERC funded researchers are…

Photo: Colorbox

Call for Assistant and Associate Professors in Computer Science

2018.11.29The Department is looking for excellent and visionary tenure-track Assistant Professors or Associate Professors to push the frontiers of Computer Science research. We are seeking researchers from all areas of computer science to join the department and collaborate with our world-class researchers.


Tue 15 Jan
12:00-12:00 |
MSc APPLICATION DEADLINE for Non-EU/EEA + non Swiss citizens
Wed 16 Jan
10:00-12:00 | Online eller Aarhus Universitet, Bartholins Allé 7, 8000 Aarhus C, Bygning 1333, lokale 101
Forelæsning for gymnasier: Sandsynlighedsregning, tegnefilm og computerspil
Mon 04 Feb
15:00-20:30 | Aulaen, Aarhus Universitet
Fri 08 Feb
15:15-16:00 | Building 5335, room 016 (Peter Bøgh Auditorium)
CS Colloquium - Bas Spitters
Fri 22 Feb
15:15-16:00 | Building 5335, room 016 (Peter Bøgh Auditorium)
CS Colloquium - Kasper Green Larsen

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