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Open posisions at the department

2017.07.14At the department, we are currently looking to fill both administrative and scientific positions.

Code can be beautiful as a poem or a novel

2017.07.13Denmark's digital super star Bjarne Stroustrup, who completed his master at the department, is one of the world's leading computer scientists. With his "programming language", he has put his mark on everything from car engines to mobile phones and Google's search engine. [Article only in Danish]

Michael E. Caspersen new managing director at It-vest - Networking Universities as of August 1st.

2017.07.12Michael E. Caspersen, 56, has a M.Sc. in computer science, holds a PhD in programming education and many years of experience as a teacher, researcher, leader and developer of IT education. Formerly he has been associate professor at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, where he was…

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