Ph.D. students


Maxime Legoupil
Anders Alnor Mathiasen (co-advisor: Amin Timany)
Bastien Rousseau (co-advisor: Jean Pichon)
Egor Namakonov (co-advisor: Amin Timany)
Frederik Lerbjerg Aagaard
Philipp Stassen
Sergei Stepanenko
Zongyuan Liu
Simon Friis Vindum
Abel Nieto (co-advisor: Amin Timany)
Daniel Gratzer


Aina Linn Georges Designing and Proving Robust Safety of Efficient Capability Machine Programs
Simon Oddershede Gregersen: Higher-Order Separation Logic for Distributed Systems and Security
Zesen Qian: Concurrency and Races in Classical Linear Logic
Leo Stefanesco: (co-advised with Paul-Andre Mellies). Asynchronous and Relational Soundness Theorems for Concurrent Separation Logic
Marit Edna Ohlenbusch
Lau Skorstengaard: Formal Reasoning about Capability Machines
Kristoffer Just Andersen: Automatic Program Verification
Morten Krogh-Jespersen: Towards Modular Reasoning for Stateful and Concurrent Programs
Hans Bugge Grathwohl: Guarded Recursive Type Theory
Ales Bizjak: On Semantics and Applications of Guarded Recursion
Filip Sieczkowski: (co-advised with P. Sestoft): Towards Modular Reasoning for Realistic Programming Languages.
Jonas Braband Jensen: (co-advised with P. Sestoft): Enabling Concise and Modular Specifications in Separation Logic.
Hannes Mehnert (co-advised with P. Sestoft): Incremental Interactive Verification of the Correctness of Object-Oriented Software.
Kasper Svendsen: : Modular specification and verification for higher-order languages with state. (post.doc. at Aarhus University)
Alexandre Buisse: (Freelance photographer in France)
Jacob Thamsborg: : Denotational Logical Relations and Friends. (Edlund)
Troels C. Damgaard: : Developing Bigraphical Languages. (Edlund)
Ebbe Elsborg: Bigraphs: Modelling, Simulation, and Type Systems. (Geosystems)
Bodil Biering: Dialectica Interpretations: A Categorical Analysis. (Edlund)
Soren Debois (co-advised with Thomas Hildebrandt): Sortings and Bigraphs. (Post.doc. at ITU.)
Nina Bohr: Advances in Reasoning Principles for Contextual Equivalence and Termination. (Danish National Bank)
Rasmus Lerchedahl Petersen: Abstractions with Reasoning Principles via Denotational Semantics. (Post.doc. at Queen Mary, University of London, UK)
Noah Torp-Smith: Advances in Separation Logic. (Maconomy)
Rasmus Moegelberg: Categorical and Domain-theoretic Models of Parametric Polymorphism. (Steno Researcher at ITU, now Assoc. Prof. at ITU)