Ph.D. students


Maxime Legoupil
Bastien Rousseau (co-advised with Jean Pichon)
Egor Namakonov (co-advised with Amin Timany)
Frederik Lerbjerg Aagaard
Philipp Stassen
Sergei Stepanenko
Zongyuan Liu
Simon Friis Vindum
Abel Nieto
Aina Linn Georges
Simon Oddershede Gregersen
Daniel Gratzer


Zesen Qian Concurrency and Races in Classical Linear Logic
Leo Stefanesco (co-advised with Paul-Andre Mellies). Asynchronous and Relational Soundness Theorems for Concurrent Separation Logic
Marit Edna Ohlenbusch
Lau Skorstengaard Formal Reasoning about Capability Machines
Kristoffer Just Andersen Automatic Program Verification
Morten Krogh-Jespersen Towards Modular Reasoning for Stateful and Concurrent Programs
Hans Bugge Grathwohl: Guarded Recursive Type Theory
Ales Bizjak: On Semantics and Applications of Guarded Recursion
Filip Sieczkowski (co-advised with P. Sestoft): Towards Modular Reasoning for Realistic Programming Languages.
Jonas Braband Jensen (co-advised with P. Sestoft): Enabling Concise and Modular Specifications in Separation Logic.
Hannes Mehnert (co-advised with P. Sestoft): Incremental Interactive Verification of the Correctness of Object-Oriented Software.
Kasper Svendsen : Modular specification and verification for higher-order languages with state. (post.doc. at Aarhus University)
Alexandre Buisse: (Freelance photographer in France)
Jacob Thamsborg : Denotational Logical Relations and Friends. (Edlund)
Troels C. Damgaard : Developing Bigraphical Languages. (Edlund)
Ebbe Elsborg: Bigraphs: Modelling, Simulation, and Type Systems. (Geosystems)
Bodil Biering: Dialectica Interpretations: A Categorical Analysis. (Edlund)
Soren Debois (co-advised with Thomas Hildebrandt): Sortings and Bigraphs. (Post.doc. at ITU.)
Nina Bohr: Advances in Reasoning Principles for Contextual Equivalence and Termination. (Danish National Bank)
Rasmus Lerchedahl Petersen: Abstractions with Reasoning Principles via Denotational Semantics. (Post.doc. at Queen Mary, University of London, UK)
Noah Torp-Smith: Advances in Separation Logic. (Maconomy)
Rasmus Moegelberg: Categorical and Domain-theoretic Models of Parametric Polymorphism. (Steno Researcher at ITU, now Assoc. Prof. at ITU)