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Social events


Here you have the opportunity to:

  • meet with the lecturers
  • meet with the other Summer School participants
  • IT-Parken; Aabogade 34 at 5 pm
  • have a draft beer or soft drink
  • get handouts to Streaming Summer School

If you are unable to attend to Sunday Reception you can register and get handouts Monday morning at 8:30 am in IT-Huset, Aabogade 34 in the “SS information room” by the lecture hall.

Tuesday DINNER

On Tuesday August 21 at 6pm we will have a summer school dinner. The dinner will take place in the Mathematical Institute cafeteria on the main campus. See the map in the travel information section for the precise location.


The MADALGO center is situated in the Computer Science Department of the University of Aarhus in the part of town called "Katrinebjerg". In Danish "bjerg" means "mountain".

On Wednesday August 22 you will probably have gotten used to the "high altitude" of Katrinebjerg, such that you are ready to go on to even higher altitudes. Therefore we will have an excursion to the highest point in Denmark called HimmelBJERGET. The translation of HimmelBJERGET to English is “The Sky Mountain”.

As the highest hill in Denmark, Himmelbjerget rises all of 147 metres above sea level. It is situated in one of Denmarks most beautiful regions called “Silkeborg Søhøjland”, which has lot of lakes and forested areas.

At 2pm (after lunch) we will take a bus from Aarhus and arrive in the city Silkeborg an hour later. There we will board the old screw-driven vessel "ternen" from 1896 and take a 1 1/2 hour trip on one of the lakes before arriveing at the foot of Himmelbjerget.

After climbing the "mountain" and enjoying the views from the top, we will continue on to the old traditional "Hotel Himmelbjerget” near the top. There we will be served traditional Danish cake. At 6pm the bus will bring us back to Aarhus.

For those of you who needs even more physical challenges you may walk back to the nearest city “Ry” following a nice marked nature trail. From Ry there is a train back to Aarhus.

Thursday SOCCER

As an additional (optional!) social event we will try to organize for playing some soccer on late Thursday afternoon for those interested. If you are, please just bring some sports shoes and shorts.