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Accepted papers

Ioannis Emiris and Ioannis Psarros. Poor man¹s dimension reduction and

high-dimensional Approximate Nearest Neighbor


Foto Afrati, Nikos Stasinopoulos, Jeffrey Ullman and Angelos

Vasilakopoulos. Handling Skew in Multiway Joins in MapReduce


Michael A. Bender, Samuel McCauley, Andrew McGregor, Shikha Singh and Hoa

T. Vu. Run Generation Revisited: What Goes Up May or May Not Come Down


Riko Jacob, Tobias Lieber and Nodari Sitchinava. On the Complexity of List

Ranking in the Parallel External Memory Model


Benjamin Sach, Søren Vind and Markus Jalsenius. Compressed Pattern

Matching in the Annotated Streaming Model


Lars Arge, Mathias Rav, Sarfraz Raza and Morten Revsbæk. I/O-Efficient

Event Based Depression Flood Risk


Cici Alexander, Lars Arge, Peder Klith Bøcher, Morten Revsbæk, Brody

Sandel, Jens-Christian Svenning, Constantinos Tsirogiannis and Jungwoo

Yang. Computing River Floods Using Massive Terrain Data


Mark De Berg, Constantinos Tsirogiannis and Bryan T. Wilkinson. Fast

Computation of Categorical Richness on Raster Data Sets and Related



Kasper Green Larsen, Jelani Nelson and Huy L. Nguyen. Time Lower Bounds

for Nonadaptive Turnstile Streaming Algorithms


Kasper Green Larsen, Jelani Nelson. The Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma is

Optimal for Linear Dimensionality Reduction