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Accepted papers

Accepted papers for MASSIVE 2013

  • Lars Arge, Johannes Fischer, Peter Sanders and Nodari Sitchinava
    On (Dynamic) Range Minimum Queries in External Memory
  • Michael A. Bender, Mayank Goswami, Dzejla Medjedovic and Pablo Montes
    The I/O-Complexity of Sorting with Two Key Lengths
  • Timo Bingmann, Johannes Fischer andVitaly Osipov
    Inducing Suffix and LCP Arrays in External Memory
  • Michael Bender, Roozbeh Ebrahimi, Jeremy Fineman, Golnaz Ghasemiesfeh, Rob Johnson and Samuel McCauleylz
    Cache-Adaptive Algorithms
  • Michael Crouch, Andrew McGregor and David Woodruff
    Stochastic Streams: Sample Complexity vs.~Space Complexity
  • Charalampos Tsourakakis, Christos Gkantsidis, Bozidar Radunovic and Milan Vojnovic
    FENNEL: Streaming Graph Partitioning for Massive Scale Graphs
  • Michele Scquizzato and Francesco Silvestri
    Communication Lower Bounds for Distributed-Memory Computations
  • José Fuentes, Erick Elejalde, Leo Ferres, Diego Seco and Andrea Rodriguez
    Efficient Wavelet Tree Construction and Querying for Multicore Architectures
  • Nodari Sitchinava and Volker Weichert
    Provably Efficient GPU Algorithms
  • Michael Bender, Martin Farach-Colton, Rob Johnson, Russell Kraner, Bradley Kuszmaul, Dzejla Medjedovic, Pablo Montes, Pradeep Shetty, Richard Spillane and Erez Zadok
    Don’t Thrash: How to Cache Your Hash on Flash