Anders Møller

A few selected presentations:

Verifying Programs that Manipulate Pointers
invited talk at the INFINITY 2003 workshop, also presented at University of Aalborg and University of Uppsala.

The MONA Project - Logic, Automata, and Program Verification
presented at Dresden University of Technology.

Type Checking with XML Schema in XACT
presented at the PLAN-X 2006 workshop.

Static Analysis for Java Servlets and JSP
presented at SAS'06, University of Aalborg, IT University of Copenhagen, IFIP WG 2.4 Meeting 2007, and UC Davis.
[PDF (extended version)]

XML Graphs in Program Analysis
presented at IBM T.J. Watson.

Type Analysis for JavaScript
presented (in various versions) at IFIP WG 2.4 Meeting 2009, Google Aarhus, IBM T.J. Watson, Microsoft Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Google NYC.

How (Not) to Present a Paper
presented at the CS PhD retreat 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015

See also teaching material on Static Program Analysis, XML and Web Technologies, and Regularity & Automata

These presentations are copyright © Anders Møller.

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