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Course material

Course material

Handouts, notes from lectures etc. will be accessible from this web page as they are produced by the lecturers.

Lecture notes

Succinct Data Structures by Ian Munro

Hashing 3 by Rasmus Pagh

Hashing 3: Exercise by Rasmus Pagh

Hashing 2 by Rasmus Pagh

Hashing 2: Exercise by Rasmus Pagh

Counting in Binary Amortized and Worst-Case Efficiency by Robert E. Tarjan

On-line vs. Off-line Algorithms: Competitive Analysis Move-to-Front List Rearrangement by Robert E. Tarjan

Binary Search Trees by Robert E. Tarjan

Balanced Binary Search Trees by Robert E. Tarjan

Self-Adjusting Search trees by Robert E. Tarjan

Disjoint Set Union via Compressed Trees by Robert E. Tarjan

Incremental Cycle Detection & Topological Ordering & Strong Components by Robert E. Tarjan

Hashing 1 by Rasmus Pagh

Hashing 1: Exercise by Rasmus Pagh

Dynamic Graph Algorithm lecture 4 by Valerie King

Dynamic Graph Algorithm lecture 3 by Valerie King

Dynamic Graph Algorithm lecture 1 & 2 by Valerie King

Old and New Results on Fundamental Data Structures by Robert E. Tarjan


Background literature

  • Especially related to Ian Munro's lectures on: "Succinct Data Structures": Chapeter 1 in CRC Handbook on Data Structures and Applications (Chapman & Hall/CRC): Succinct representation of data structures.

  • Especially related to Valerie King's lectures on: "Dynamic Graph Algorithms": List of literature.