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MADALGO seminar

MADALGO Theory Seminar: Daniela Maftuleac, University of Waterloo

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Monday 1 September 2014,  at 14:15 - 15:00


CAT(0) metric spaces (or metric spaces of global non-positive curvature) constitute a far-reaching common generalization of Euclidean and hyperbolic  spaces and simple polygons: any two points x

and y of a CAT(0) metric space are connected by a unique shortest path gamma(x, y). In this talk, we present an efficient algorithm for answering two-point distance queries in CAT(0) rectangular complexes. Namely, we show that for a CAT(0) rectangular complex K with n vertices, one can  construct a data structure D of size O(n^2) so that, given any two points x, y in K, the shortest path gamma(x, y) between x and y can be computed in O(d(p,q)) time, where p and q are vertices of two faces of K containing the

points x and y, respectively, such that gamma(x, y) is contained in the subcomplex K(I(p, q)), d(p, q) is the distance between p and q in the underlying graph of K and I(p,q) is the interval between p and q in the underlying graph of K.


Host: Jesper Sindahl Nielsen