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Algorithm engineering

Algorithm engineering covers the design and analysis of practical algorithms, efficient implementation of these algorithms, as well as experimentation that provide insight into their applicability and further improvements. Algorithm engineering is naturally an integrated part of the center both because a main motivation for the center is the inadequacy of traditional algorithms theory in providing practically efficient algorithms, and because engineering work naturally supports multidisciplinary and industry collaboration. Additionally, algorithm engineering work often provides valuable input to work on theoretical models, and can lead to practical runtime breakthroughs.

The center considers algorithm engineering challenges in the I/O-efficient and cache-oblivious algorithms areas, as well as in several other areas. In the cache-oblivious area focus is on engineering simple algorithms for very fundamental problems, whereas in the I/O-efficient algorithms area focus is on leveraging existing I/O-algorithms libraries to further engineer algorithms for fundamental problems and to (further) develop software for efficient processing of massive terrain data.

The centers terrain algorithm engineering work has resulted in a start-up company called SCALGO.

Please refer to the centers annual reports for a discussion of obtained result.