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COBRA Seminars


The COBRA Seminars are weekly seminars open to everyone with an interest in blockchain research.

In the Autumn Semester 2019 the seminar takes place on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 13:00 in Nygaard-295 (building 5335, room 295), Department of Computer Science, Åbogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N.

A list of upcoming as well as previous talks is available below - If you want to give a talk, please contact seminar organizer Søren Eller Thomsen.

If you would like to start receiving announcements of the seminars, please contact Malene B.B. Andersen.   

From 12 November to 17 December we will be having two short work in progress talks at each weekly seminar. The purpose is to get an idea about what people are currently working on and also a few details about what is particularly interesting/hard about this topic.  


17 DecSimon Kamp and Aleš Bizjak   Work in progress talks  
10 DecNikolaj Knudsen and Adam Hansen   Work in progress talks  
3 DecBenjamin Hvass and Felix Wiemuth  Work in progress talks  
26 NovJakob B. Nielsen and Sabine Oechsner  Work in progress talks  
19 NovSøren Eller Thomsen and Thomas Dinsdale-Young Work in progress talks  
12 Nov

Diego Aranha and Danil Annenkov

Work in progress talks
29 OctWeekly meeting without talk 
22 Oct. Weekly meeting without talk
15 Oct.Atumn Break
8. Oct.Daniele Friolo  The Rush Dilemma: Attacking and Repairing Smart Contracts on Forking Blockchains  
1. Oct. Weekly meeting without talk
24. Sept.Claudio Orlandi (stand in for Chaya)Proofs of Replicated Storage Without Timing Assumptions
17. Sept.Anca NitulescuTutorial on SNARKS     
10. Sept.Chaya Ganesh Proofs of Replicated Storage Without Timing Assumptions (talk cancelled due to sickness)  
3. Sept.Daniel TschudiPrivate POS    

27. Aug.

Reza Sefidgar

Formalizing Constructive Cryptography using CryptHOL  

20. Aug.

Weekly meeting without talk

13. Aug.

Aleš Bizjak 

Execution model  

6. Aug.

Thomas Dinsdale-Young

The implementation of consensus  

30. July

Summer Break  

23. July

Summer Break  

16. July

Summer Break  

9. July

Summer Break  

2. July

Diego Aranha

Implement all the pairings! (Part 2)  

25. June

Ueli Maurer

Full day on constructive cryptography  

18. June

Jakob Botsch

Formalizing smart contract execution in Coq  

11. June

Ivan Damgård

UC: Basics  

4. June

Diego Aranha

Implement all the pairings! (Part 1)  

28. May

Theory and Practice of Blockchain Workshop   


21. May

Søren Eller Thomsen

Discussion: Connecting Formal Proofs with Running Code  

14. May

Jesper Buus Nielsen

The Concordium Finality Layer  

7. May

Bernardo Magri

Minting Mechanisms for Blockchain -- or -- Moving from Cryptoassets to Cryptocurrencies  

23. April 

Thomas Dinsdale-Young

Block and state hashing  

9. April 

Danil Annenkov

Using MetaCoq for smart contract formalization  

26. March

Søren Eller Thomsen

WIP: Formalizing the Concordium Consensus Protocol in Coq  

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