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MADALGO call for post docs

The spring post doc call is now open, deadline being 15 May, 2015

MADALGO Summer School, 2014, 'Learning at Scale'

MADALGO post doc positions are at the level of Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science and are initially for one year, but can be extended with and additional year by mutual consent. MADALGO welcomes postdoctoral researchers with clearly demonstrated experience and skills in the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures. Researchers with experience with I/O-efficient, cache-oblivious or streaming algorithms, as well as with implementation of such algorithms (algorithm engineering experience), or with experience in design and implementation of indexing structures, are preferred. The responsibilities of MADALGO postdocs include work on algorithms for massive dataset problems in collaboration with center researchers, along with modest teaching responsibilities.

MADALGO welcomes post doc applications starting 1 August, 2015 or later. The call can be found here