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Assistant Professor Kasper Green Larsen receives Starting Grant from AUFF

The Aarhus University Research Foundation has through the years supported scientific research at Aarhus University. AUFF is introducing Starting Grants in order to secure outstanding researchers good career opportunities at Aarhus University and, moreover, to promote particularly promising internationally renowned research at the four faculties.

This year Kasper Green Larsen, MADALGO, received an Assistant Professor Starting Grant (DKK 1.640.000).

Kasper: The grant will be used to hire a PhD student and cover travel expenses and costs for guests. Some of the most important questions in Computer Science ask whether or not concrete computational problems can solved efficiently (fast) or not by a computer. In this project, we will develop mathematical tools for proving that such problems cannot possibly be solved efficiently. Such conclusions can save research funding and time that would otherwise have been wasted trying to develop solutions that don’t exist.

Congraulations Kasper!