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Get to know (more about) Lars Birkedal

2018.08.24in connection with receiving his ACM Fellow diploma this summer, ACM completed an interview with Lars Birkedal. Read the interview to find out how Lars became interested in logic and semantics and which new research - he believes - will be especially relevant for cybersecurity.

Best paper award to Jesper Buus Nielsen and Kasper Green Larsen

2018.08.22At the Crypto 2018 conference in Santa Barbara, Jesper Buus Nielsen and Kasper Green Larsen recived the best paper award for their paper "Yes, There is an Oblivious RAM Lower Bound". Click on the link to read the paper. Congratulations!

ERC Starting Grant for research in next level cryptographic protocols

2018.08.14Congratulations to Associate Professor Claudio Orlandi who has received an ERC starting grant worth €1.5M for research into private and efficient secure multiparty computation (MPC).

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