Category Theory
Fall 2000

Instructors: Lars Birkedal,, Glentevej 67, Room 2.21, 3816 8868
Thomas Hildebrandt,, Glentevej 67, Room 2.46, 3816 8833

Category theory, a branch of abstract algebra, has found many applications in mathematics, logic, and computer science, where it for example has been used to describe and analyse models of both sequential and parallel programming languages. Like such fields as elementary logic and set theory, category theory provides a basic conceptual apparatus and a collection of formal methods useful for addressing certain kinds of commonly occurring formal and informal problems, particularly those involving structural and functional considerations. This course is intended to acquaint students with these methods, and also to encourage them to reflect on the interrelations between category theory and the other basic formal disciplines. A number of applications of category theory to computer science will also be covered, including some recent developments.

Course Information

Lectures Tuesdays, Glentevej, Room 1.03, 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM, 2:00 PM - 4 PM
Prerequisites This is an introductory graduate course with no formal pre-requisites, but some "mathematical maturity" would be helpful.
Notes Basic Category Theory by Jaap van Oosten. The notes can be bought during the first lecture.
Credits 7.5 ECTS
Grading Will be based on final exam: Passed / Not-passed
Homework Weekly homework is assigned each Tuesday and due the following Tuesday.
It is a requirement for taking the final exam that 8 out of 11 homeworks are handed in.
Late homework will only be accepted only under exceptional circumstances.
Office Hour Tuesdays 1:00 PM - 2 PM.
At this time you can come individually to the office of the lecturer of the day to discuss the course material or other questions.
Final Exam January 18, 2001.
Take-home Exam. You will get 24 hours; the estimated time for solving all the problems is 6 hours. The final take-home exam is now available on the assignments page.
Email-list TBA

Course Material

Hardcopies of the course notes and papers will be available at the IT University. This home page is at .

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