Category Theory Fall 2000
Lars Birkedal and Thomas Hildebrandt


The final take-home exam is now available here. It has two small typos. A revised version is here.


Assignment Out Due
Assignment 1 Tu Sep 05 Tu Sep 12
Assignment 2 Tu Sep 12 Tu Sep 19
Assignment 3 Tu Sep 19 Tu Sep 26
Assignment 4 Tu Sep 26 Tu Oct 03
Assignment 5 Tu Oct 03 Tu Oct 10
Assignment 6 Tu Oct 10 Tu Oct 24
Assignment 7 Tu Oct 24 Tu Oct 31
Assignment 8 Tu Oct 31 Tu Nov 07
Assignment 9 Tu Nov 07 Tu Nov 14
Assignment 10 Tu Nov 14 Tu Nov 21
Assignment 11 Tu Nov 21 Tu Nov 28


In assignment 1, P(X) stands for the powerset of X, that is, the set of all subsets of X. Note that P(X) can be viewed as poset (a partially ordered set); the order is subset inclusion. That is, for U,V in P(X), U is less than or equal to V iff U is included in or equal to V. The category of posets is denoted Pos in the course notes.

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Lars Birkedal