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About this tutorial...

This slide collection about XML and related technologies is created by

Anders Møller


Michael I. Schwartzbach

at the BRICS research center at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Copyright © 2000-2003 Anders Møller & Michael I. Schwartzbach

Reproduction of this slide collection is permitted on condition that it is distributed in whole, unmodified, and for free, and that the authors are notified.

The slide collection is aimed at computer scientists, software engineers, and others who want to know what this XML thing is all about. It covers both the basic XML concepts and the related technologies for document linking, describing classes of documents, stylesheet transformation, and database-like querying, from a technical but high-level point of view. Based on the essential XML-related specifications, the slides are designed with concrete motivation and technical contents in focus, for the reader who wishes to understand and actually use these technologies.

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