Faculty Staff

Ira Assent

Associate professor

Panagiotis Karras

Associate professor

Research Group Coordinator

Current visitors

Theocharidis, Konstantinos: Visiting PhD student (2 February-2 March 2018)

Derczynski, Leon, email: (visiting from July 16, 2012)

Previous visitors

Nikita Klyuchnikov: Visiting PhD Student (4-17 January 2018)

Emmanuel Mueller (Senior Researcher and Lecturer), emmanuel mueller∂kit edu (visiting from March 14 to March 19, 2014)

David Meredith (Associate Professor ) AAU, (visiting August 5, 2013)

Periklis Andritsos (Assistant Professor), (visiting from August 1 tp August 3, 2013)

Matteo Brucato (visiting master student), email: (visiting from January 28 to July 5, 2013)

Francesco Lettich (visiting ph.d. studerende), email: (visiting in 3 months from 25 March 2013)

José M. Matos Moreira (Assistant professor), email: (Visiting from September 18 - December 18, 2012)

Lars Dannecker (Visiting PhD Student), e-mail: (visiting from September 3- September 4, 2012)

Fantini, Nicolas (Visiting Master Student), email: (visiting from April 30 to September 31, 2012)

Claudio Silvestri (Assistant professor) (visiting from September 16 - October 3, 2012)

Bettini, Claudio (Visiting professor), email:

Shang, Shuo (Visiting PhD)

Silvestri, Claudio (Visiting assistant professor)