DK4 portræt – Lars Arge

2014.04.03 | Featured, Public/media

Lars Birkedal new Editor-in-Chief for LMCS

Lars Birkedal has been appointed Editor-in-Chief for LMCS “Logical Methods in Computer Science” journal. LMCS celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The number of publications has steadily increased during the years and last year the number of published papers was 75.

2014.03.21 | Public/media, Featured

Students can also participate in conferences

And even with great benefit. This became clear to the 4 student Christian Ø. Laursen, Anders Høedholt, Soren Pedersen and Michael Ha, when participating in the course "Shape Changing Interfaces" in the IT Product Development education.

2014.03.06 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

AU video with Claudio Orlandi from Department of Computer Science

"My lab is in my head"

2014.02.07 | Featured, Public/media

New minister congratulates Lars Birkedal

On the occasion of his Sapere Aude top researcher grant, Lars Birkedal was invited to an award ceremony at the EliteForsk conference. The conference was opened by the new minister for higher education and science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

2014.01.07 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

Kaj Grønbæk is representative of one of three innovative archetypes

Professor Kaj Grønbæk has been chosen as one of three innovative archetypes in Denmark by the think tank Mandag Morgen.

2013.12.20 | Awards, Featured, Public/media

Michael E. Caspersen appointed ACM distinguished educator

Centre director and associate professor, Michael E. Caspersen has been appointed “ACM Distinguished Educator” by the Association for Computing Machinery – the largest and most prestigious research- and education association in the field of computing with more than 100.000 members all over the world.

2013.12.20 | Awards, Featured, Public/media

Best paper award to Lars Arge

At this weeks International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation in Hong Kong (ISAAC'13; the 24th in the series of yearly conferences), the paper "RAM-Efficient External Memory Sorting" by Lars Arge and Mikkel Thorup from Copenhagen University was awarded the bast paper award.

2013.12.13 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

No more plastic cards

Four students in IT Product Development have developed a net service to collect discount cards, mails and text messages on the smart phone.

2013.12.05 | Featured, Public/media, Staff

Creative robots gave succeess in Jakarta

Another year of succes at the finales in World Robot Oympiad. This year the danish team in the College category came in third, while the team in Open won the spectators award. Creativity is the key says Studymanager at Department of Computer Science, Søren Poulsen.

2013.11.28 | Staff, Public/media, Featured

Aarhus researchers start cooperation to ensure EU against surveillance

An international research network will ensure European citizens, businesses and states against surveillance on the web. Cryptology researcher Claudio Orlandi from the Department of Computer Science has taken the initiative to the network.

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