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Talk by Kobbi Nissim: Distribution and Privacy: Computing Heavy Hitters

2018.06.06 | Malene Bisgaard Blaabjerg Andersen

Date Thu 07 Jun
Time 14:30 15:30
Location Nygaard 295

Speaker: Kobbi Nissim, Georgetown University, receiver of the 2017 Gödel price for the co-invention of the Differential Privacy notion

Title: Distribution and privacy: Computing heavy hitters

Abstract: We will present a heavy-hitters protocol in the model of local differential privacy. Our protocol achieves optimal or near optimal worst-case error, running time, and memory, improving on the prior state-of-the-art result of Bassily and Smith [STOC 2015]. The improvement is crucial for making locally-private heavy-hitters algorithms usable when the number of participants is in the millions.

Joint work with Raef Bassily, Kobbi Nissim, and Abhradeep Thakurta.

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