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07.09.2016 | CS frontpage, Research news, Public/media, Featured

Singular Choices for Multiple Choice - Friday Lecture Talk by Olivier Danvy

Knowledge for the weekend: Ten years ago, Frandsen and Schwartzbach devised a scoring strategy for multiple-choice exams that credits partial knowledge and levels out guessing.

06.09.2016 | Featured, CS frontpage, Public/media

H2020 grant on Privacy-preserving Big Data technologies

Associate professor Claudio Orlandi has been granted 3,5 mil DKK from the EU Framework Programme, Horizon 2020 for a project called SODA (Scalable Oblivious Data Analytics). The project will be in collaboration between Philips Research, Eindhoven University of Technology, AU, Göttingen University and the Alexandra Institute.

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Increase in number of applicants to Computer Science and IT programmes

As many as 490 applied for the two bachelor programmes at Department of Computer Science this year – a rise in applications of 8,4 percent.

23.08.2016 | Conference, CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

350 guests for top European algorithms conference at CS

Massive Data, Cloud Computing, Transportation Modelling, Approximation, Online Algorithms… there’s hardly any theme relating to Algorithms and Data Structures, that will not be covered at ALGO 2016, making it the number one go-to algorithms conference in Europe this year.

19.08.2016 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

Participating in the era of Participation

This week, 220 international guests from universities around the world visited Department of Computer Science as part of the 14th Participatory Design Conference. The theme for the conference were ‘Participation in an era of Participation’, and featured paper sessions, workshops, interactive exhibitions and keynote speakers on Participatory…

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Welcome to our new students!

182 applicants have been offered a place at our two bachelor programmes.

15.08.2016 | CS frontpage, CTIC, Featured, Public/media

Best student paper award at the 25th USENIX Security Symposium

Jesper Madsen (master student) and Irene Giacomelli (PhD student) received the Best Student Paper Award at the 25th USENIX Security Symposium for their paper "ZKBoo: Faster Zero-Knowledge for Boolean Circuits" which they wrote in collaboration with Claudio Orlandi. Congratulations!

30.06.2016 | CFEM , CS frontpage, CTIC, Featured, Public/media

Fra grundforskning til anvendelig spinoff-teknologi

Den 7. juli er der afskedsreception i CFEM – Center for Research in the Foundations of Electronic Markets. Ivan Bjerre Damgård, professor på Institut for Datalogi på Aarhus Universitet og en af centerlederne på CFEM, præsenterer her nogle highlights fra projektet.

13.03.2015 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

Anders Møller modtager ERC Consolidator Grant

Lektor Anders Møller fra Institut for Datalogi modtager prestigefuldt ERC Consolidator Grant på 2 mio. euro til projektet "Automated Program Analysis for Advanced Web Applications."

05.03.2015 | Public/media, Staff, Featured

Peyman Afshani ny lektor på CS.

Peyman Afshani, der har været adjunkt på instituttet siden marts 2012, er nu pr. 15. marts 2015 ansat som lektor på CS hos MADALGO.

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