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08.12.2017 | CS frontpage, Private and public companies, Public/media, Future students, Featured

Meet 25-year-old Morten: CS student and team captain at the Danish Cyber Security national team

Interpersonal skills, ability to see the bigger picture and a lot of patience: It takes a wide variety of skills, if one has to be team captain at the Danish Cyber Security national team. Lucky for the team, Morten Eskildsen, computer science-student at the Department of Computer Science, possess all of these skills - and many more. As…

01.12.2017 | CS frontpage, Private and public companies, Public/media, Featured, News from the management

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen visited Department of Computer Science

Aarhus University must maintain its independence, focus on international recruitment of researchers and students, and increase its collaboration with the private sector. Through this, the university can maintain its high ambitions on quality in research, knowledge and education for the future. This was the main message when Rector at Aarhus…

23.11.2017 | People , CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

STIBO Grant to Kristoffer Just Andersen

Congratulations to PhD student Kristoffer Just Andersen (Logic & Semantics) who has just received a travel grant from the STIBO foundation. Kristoffer will use the grant for his stay abroad at University College London from January-June 2018. The Stibo foundation hands out a number of travel grants every year of up to DKK 100.000.…

22.11.2017 | CS frontpage, Private and public companies, Public/media, Talent development, People , Featured

Five high school students competed at World Robot Olympiad

Two Danish teams - three girls and two boys - competed against 1500 participants at the international finals in World Robot Olympiad (WRO), which was held November 10-12th 2017 in Costa Rica. The Danish team qualified for the championship in October, when Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University hosted the the Danish Finals. Read…

16.11.2017 | CS frontpage, Featured, Private and public companies, Public/media, Future students

Study trials for secondary school students agree: "Job opportunities are important for my choice of study"

This autumn, secondary school students from all over the country have been visiting Department of Computer Science to get an introduction to the department’s education programs in Computer Science and IT Product Development.

30.10.2017 | CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media

ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper Award to Adamsen and Møller

Congratulations to PhD student Christoffer Quist Adamsen and Professor Anders Møller who received ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper Award at OOPSLA 2017 for the paper Practical Initialization Race Detection for JavaScript Web Applications. The paper is co-written with Frank Tip.

26.10.2017 | Media coverage, Research news, CS frontpage, Featured, Public/media, MADALGO

Computer Scientist at CS solves 30-year-old mathematical problem

Assistant Professor Kasper Green Larsen (DK) and co-author Jelani Nelson (US) have demonstrated that a 30-year-old theorem is the best way to reduce data and speed up algorithms. For that they get praised by an acknowledged mathematician - Professor Noga Alon. Read the whole press release here (in Danish) and the news story from Harvard John A.…

25.10.2017 | CS frontpage, Featured, Future students, Private and public companies, Public/media

Massive news coverage of IT Camp for girls 2017

October 18-20, this year’s edition of "IT-Camp for girls” took place at Department of Computer Science – and received a great amount of media attention.

18.10.2017 | CS frontpage, Private and public companies, Public/media, Featured, People , Alumni

Alumni interview with Aino Corry, entrepreneur and owner of Metadeveloper

Computer scientist by coincidence - and then again not so much. As a high-school student, Aino Corry (46) was sure about one thing: she wanted to study mathematics and immerse herself deep in theory. Today she finds herself in a completely different setting as self-employed entrepreneur. How did that happen?

12.10.2017 | CS frontpage, Featured, Private and public companies, Public/media, Future students, Students, Talent development

48 girls ready for IT-Camp

October 18-20 Department of Computer Science will be hosting the 2017-edition of "IT-Camp for girls": Three days with technology, design and inspiration for girls aged 16-20.

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