Inner Space Robots

Inner Space Robots is a transparent plexiglass cube (1m x 1m x 1m) inhabited by 15 small, autonomous LEGO robot.
Picture Gallery.
Danish description.


Robots-In-Residence an installation that features robots, sound, video, a chatterbot, and incoming e-mail from the audience.

LEGO techno

A video (.avi) ( or video (.mov) ) shows how LEGO motors, lamps, wires, two LEGO Code Pilots, one micro Scout, and two wired connection to two speakers can be used to generate rythmic and noisy sounds.


Feelix is a humanoid robot displaying basic emotional facial expressions.
Foto: Ole Schmidt 

The Jungle Cube

The Jungle Cube is an artificial world inhabited by insect-like LEGO robots.

Small Car

Small car is a prototype experiment with movements of a car accompanied by musical sounds.

Last update: 24-2-04