The Artificial Life of Bugs in a Jungle

An installation called The Jungle Cube is an artificial world inhabited by insect-like LEGO robots, called Bugs. The Bugs sense and act autonomously in a dynamic environment of light, sound and landscape with biologically inspired scenografic elements. The Bugs express their emotions, intensions and social behaviour through movements and sounds. The life of the Bugs emerges inside a Cube, a 3 m x 3 m x 2 m iron-construction covered with black cloth. The cloth contains pipe-holes for the audience. The audience can observe the life through the peep-holes.

The life in the Jungle cycles through four time periods: morning, day, evening and night. There are two kinds of Bugs in the Jungle, Weak Bugs and Strong Bugs. During the day, the Weak Bugs are active, wandering around, searching for food, or eating, while the Strong Bugs are trying to sleep. During the night, the Strong Bugs are active, hunting the Weak Bugs while the Weak Bugs are trying to sleep. Strong Bugs search for a place to sleep in the morning, whereas the Weak Bugs search in the evening. When Bugs meet, they react to each other; e.g., when a Strong Bug meets a Weak Bug, the Weak Bug tries to escape and the Strong Bug attacks.

Rasmus B. Lunding has created the Jungle concept and the musical sounds, Line Kramhøft and Mads Wahlberg have designed the visual appeareance of the Jungle, and Ole Caprani has designed and programmed the LEGO robots together with Jakob Fredslund, Jens Jacobsen and Jørgen Møller Ilsøe.