Package dk.brics.jwig.analysis.summarygraph

JWIG summary graph.


Class Summary
Graph Summary graph (associated with an XML variable at a program point).
Location Pair of summary graph node and JDOM element.
Node Node (associated with a constant template).
StringEdge Edge (associated with string plugs).
Template XML template (document with gaps).
TemplateEdge Edge (associated with template plugs).

Package dk.brics.jwig.analysis.summarygraph Description

JWIG summary graph.

A summary graph is an abstract value representing a set of XML documents in a JWIG program.

Gaps are identified by the namespace The entity gap <[gap]> is written as <sg:gap/>, and the attvalue gap name=[gap] is written as sg:name="gap" (where sg refers to the gap namespace).

This code may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Copyright © 2002 Anders Møller.