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I am a PhD student at the Logic and Semantics group at Aarhus University under the supervision of Professor Lars Birkedal.

I research the use of program logics to formally reason about capability machines. I investigate how to use capability machines to provably and efficiently enforce various security properties.

In particular, I use the Iris framework to mechanically prove deep semantic properties of capability machines. These properties range from local state encapsulation to stack safety properties.

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Efficient and Provable Local Capability Revocation using Uninitialized Capabilities
Aïna Linn Georges, Armaël Guéneau, Thomas Van Strydonck, Amin Timany, Alix Trieu, Sander Huyghebaert, Dominique Devriese, Lars Birkedal
In POPL 2021: ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages
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Le Temps des Cerises: Efficient Temporal Stack Safety on Capability Machines using Directed Capabilities [Technical Report]
Aïna Linn Georges, Alix Trieu, Lars Birkedal


Passed the qualifying exam - January 27, 2021