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Information for Participants

Acknowledgment of support from ALCOM-FT

All publications produced entirely of partly in the project period (May 1, 2000 to November  30, 2003) should state that the work was partially supported by ALCOM-FT, by including a footnote like the following:
Partially supported by the Future and Emerging Technologies programme of the EU under contract number IST-1999-14186 (ALCOM-FT).

The ALCOM-FT Report Series

All publications should appear in the ALCOM-FT Report Series, in addition to appearances in local report series, conference proceedings, and journals. The submission of a publication to the ALCOM-FT Report Series is done by the author(s) of the publication, via a web-based system. Actual appearance in the ALCOM-FT Report Series is subject to subsequent approval by an report administrator from the submitting site.

The process of submitting a document is simple: a Postscript version of the report is submitted, and some additional information is supplied, most of which the system will try to deduce itself if handed the LaTeX source file for the document. The preferred format is Postscript generated by dvips for A4 paper, based on a LaTeX file using the article documentclass with the 11pt option and the a4wide package, as exemplified by this template file (tex, ps). New users must obtain a password from the report administrator of their site. Further instructions can be found in the manual for the system.

Info on ALCOM-FT Events

Practical information on ALCOM-FT related events:

Funding for travels outside of the European Union

The support for travels outside of the European Union requires approval from the EC. Requests for approval should be mailed to alcomft@brics.dk, and should contain a breakdown of the costs into travel, subsistence, registration fee, and hotel. Plan ahead, as the approval normally takes one month to get.

The ALCOM-FT logo

If appropriate for the context, the ALCOM-FT logo should be used when referring to the project in on-line or printed documents. A range of gif-versions in various sizes has been prepared. If other versions (e.g. different size, background color, or file format) are needed for your special purpose, this can easily be made - mail requests to alcomft@brics.dk. Just scaling the gif-versions here will most likely give inferior results.

Email Addresses

The global email address for the consortium is alcomft@brics.dk. Mail to this address goes to the coordinators at the Aarhus site. To ensure reliable email communication within the consortium, each site has declared a set of persons in the categories Leaders, Assistants, and Secretaries. Persons in the two first categories should receive copies of most mails, but emails with a particular confidential or particular practical content could be directed towards the first or the second category, respectively, at the discretion of the sender. The last category consists of departemental secretaries, and is just a backup communication line, which should normally not receive copies of mails. The email addresses of the leaders, assistants, leaders and assistants combined, and secretaries has been collected in files, for cut-and-paste use when mailing.

Internal Documents

Various internal documents can be accessed by ALCOM-FT site leaders and site administrators only. These include documents from the application phase of the project, minutes from project meetings, and the like. Mail alcomft@brics.dk for a password, if you need access to these documents.

Maintained by Rolf Fagerberg (rolf@cs.au.dk)
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