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Final Review Meeting and Workshop

Århus, 22-23 January 2004

The Final Review Meeting for ALCOM-FT will take place on Friday, January 23, 2004, and will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus, Schedule

January 22: Scientific workshop
10.00-10.25Mike Paterson: Fair processor scheduling: analysis of a simple scheme
10.25-10.50Conrado Martinez: Adaptative sampling for quickselect
10.50-11.15Joan Boyar: The relative worst order ratio applied to paging
11.15-11.45Coffee break
11.45-12.10Roman Dementiev: Asynchronous Parallel Disk Sorting
12.10-12.35Marianne Durand: Log-Log Counting of Large Cardinalities
12.35-13.00Rolf Fagerberg: On the Power of Cache-Obliviousness
(ALCOM-FT Board Meeting 14.00-14.45)
14.45-15.10Sotiris Nikoletseas: Design and Analysis of Efficient Smart Dust Protocols
15.10-15.35Thomas Lücking: A new model for selfish routing
15.35-16.00Marios Mavronicolas: Which is the Worst-Case Nash Equilibrium?
16.00-16.15Coffee break
16.15-16.40Peter Lennartz: The Relation Between the No-Wait Job Shop Problem and the TSP
16.40-17.05Luca Becchetti: Sharing the Cost More Efficiently: Improved Approximation for Multicommodity Rent-Or-Buy
January 23: Review meeting
09.00-9.15Erik M. Schmidt: Introduction
09.15-10.15José L. Balcázar: Work Package 1 presentation
10.15-10.30Coffee break
10.30-11.30Christos Kaklamanis: Work Package 2 presentation
11.30-12.30Han Hoogeveen: Work Package 3 presentation
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00Josep Díaz, Philippe Flajolet, Mike Paterson: Work Package 4 presentation
15.00-16.00Peter Sanders: Work Package 5 presentation
16.00-16.15Coffee break
16.15-17.00 Project officer and reviewers meet in private
17.00-17.30 Conclusion
19:30- Banquet (downtown restaurant)

Each workpackage leader is requested to leave 15 minutes for discussion at the end of their presentation.


The meeting will take place in Auditorium 3 in the Lecture Theatre Building ("Auditoriehuset"), Building 250, Bartholins Allé, on the campus ("Universitetspark") of University of Aarhus. The room is equipped with video projector, overhead projector, microphone, and wired and wireless internet connection (DHCP based).

Lunch will be served in the Mathematics Department Canteen at the ground floor of building 1536 on Campus. Coffee will be served at the auditorium. The banquet will take place at Restaurant La Forchetta, Vestergade 39.

Caveat, earlier guests of the Dept. of CS: the deparment has recently moved to new premises outside of Campus. Neither these nor the old premises will be used during this meeting.

Here is a map showing all relevant locations (gif, ps.gz, pdf, doc) . Campus is the green area, downtown is the yellow (the northern half of the downtown area is the oldest part of town, and makes a nice stroll).


All participants have been booked a single room at the Scandic Plaza Hotel for the nights requested. The hotel is located in central Århus, close to the railway station and the arrival points of the buses from both airports. Campus is 2 km away, and can be reached by bus, taxi, or on foot by a walk through downtown Århus. A taxi should cost around DKK 100 (EUR 13). For taking the bus, use line 2 or 11 and follow these instructions. Walking should take 25-30 minutes.

Travel Information

Århus is the second largest town in Denmark. It is served by the two airports Billund (BLL) and Aarhus Airport, Tirstrup (AAR), each of which is well connected to the center of Århus by a bus service (ride is 90 and 45 minutes, respectively). Of the two, Billund has a good number of international connections to Europe, while Tirstrup has regular connections to Copenhagen Airport (CPH), as well as a few low-fare international connections. Århus is also easily reached by car and train.

Full information about travel to and from Aarhus University can be found on here and here (the latter is not entirely up to data on prices etc., but has better maps).


The weather in Denmark in winter is quite variable, ranging from clear sunny winter days, to overcast, moist, and sometimes windy. The normal range of temperatures is between +5 and -10 degrees C, with around 0 degrees C being the most common.

Weather forecasts can be found at the Danish Meteorological Institute. Look under forecasts for "Northern Jutland" and "Southern Jutland" (Århus is located in the eastern part of Middle Jutland).

Maintained by Rolf Fagerberg (rolf@cs.au.dk)
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