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The results and activities of the ALCOM-FT project may be grouped as follows:

Below, we list the contribution of the project in each of these categories. Some of these contributions are formally defined as deliverables of the project, others are simply activities performed within the project.

At the end, we give a list of all deliverables of the project.

Research Reports

A major contribution from the ALCOM-FT project are research papers documenting our scientific findings. These papers are published via the normal channels of the scientific community, in particular conferences and journals.

Besides these channels, all scientific papers resulting from the ALCOM-FT project also appear in the ALCOM-FT Report Series, which is available on-line. The series now comprises 538 scientific reports.


The following software systems have been developed during the ALCOM-FT project:

Web Sites

As part of the dissemination effort of the ALCOM-FT project, two new websites have been launched. One site is termed PR-Web Pages for Algorithmics, and aims at describing algorithmic problems and solutions in a way which is easily understood by non-scientists, e.g. people from industry. It does so by reporting success stories on collaboration among theorists and practitioners, and by providing a repository of descriptions of problems and techniques. The other site facilitates the sharing of lecture notes produced by members of the scientific community (inside as well as outside ALCOM).

Industrial Talks

In an effort to increase the transfer of advanced algorithmic methods from research to industri, the partners of the consortium are available for talks on algorithms and our deliverables aimed at industrial audiences. For further information about the talks offered, contact the Project Coordinator at alcomft@brics.dk. As an example, site Paderborn has established a series called Industrie trifft Informatik (Industry meets Computer Science), which is a forum (in German) where university and business cultivate their dialogue in the field of information technologies, and where possibilities for new cooperations are launched.

Summer Schools

A total of eight summer schools/workshops on forefront topics in algorithmics have been organised with funding from the ALCOM-FT project. These events were targeted at Ph.D. students and young researchers, and were open to participants from all European countries.

The eight events were:

ADFOCS 2000 August 31 to September 4, 2000 Saarbrücken
Spring School on Dynamic Algorithms May 10 to May 11, 2001 Paderborn
ADFOCS 2001 September 4 to September 8, 2001 Saarbrücken
Summer School on Algorithm Engineering September 10 to September 12, 2001 Rome
Advanced school on Models and Algorithms for the World Wide Web June 17 to 21, 2002 Udine
ADFOCS 2002 September 9 to 13, 2002 Saarbrücken
Workshop on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures 2003 March 10, 2003 Paderborn
ADFOCS 2003 September 8 to 12, 2003 Saarbrücken

Algorithmic Competition

As a means to increase the awareness of algorithmics in research communities outside ALCOM-FT, we have set up two algorithmic competitions based on finding worst case instances for graph algorithms from the LEDA library.

Workshops and Meetings

The following events have occured or are currently scheduled:

Steering Committee meetingSeptember 9, 2000Saarbrücken
First annual review meetingSeptember 13, 2001Rome
ALCOM-FT WorkshopSeptember 14-15, 2001Rome
ALCOM-FT WorkshopJuly 5, 2002Warwick
Second annual review meetingJuly 6, 2002Warwick
ALCOM-FT WorkshopJanuary 22, 2004Aarhus
Final review meetingJanuary 23, 2004Aarhus

Project Documents

Various documents related to the running of the ALCOM-FT project have been produced. These include the following:

List of Deliverables

The following deliverables of the ALCOM-FT project have been completed:

No.Deliverable Month
D1Research reports (web site) Cont.
D2Project Presentation (web site)3
D3Dissemination and Use Plan (ps, pdf)6
D4Guidelines for algorithmic experiments, internal release (ps, pdf)6
D5Testbed for experimental algorithmics, specification (ps, pdf)6
D6External memory experimental platform, design (ps, pdf)12
D7Distributed algorithmic engineering software package, prototype (web site)12
D8BSP-style library for dynamic distributed environments, prototype (web site)12
D9Production and transportation planning modeling report. Part A (ps, pdf), Part B (ps, pdf) 12
D10Guidelines for algorithmic experiments, external release (Springer LNCS volume)36
D11Algorithm Forum web site (web site)12
D12First progress report (ps, pdf) with addendum (ps, pdf)12
D13Testbed for experimental algorithmics, internal release (website).18
D14PR web-pages for algorithmics (website).36
D15External memory experimental platform, prototype (website).36
D16Data mining demonstration package (web site)24
D17Distributed algorithmic engineering software package, beta version (web site)24
D18BSP-style library for dynamic distributed enviroments, beta version (web site)24
D19Production and transportation planning software prototype (ps, pdf, source code)36
D20Description language for high level constraints in optimization (web site)24
D21Testbed for experimental algorithmics, external release (web site)24
D22Second progress report (ps, pdf)24
D23Library of separation routines for ABACUS (web site)36
D24External memory experimental platform, final release (web site)42
D25Distributed algorithmic engineering software package, final release (web site)42
D26BSP-style library for dynamic distributed environments, final release (web site)42
D27Production and transportation planning software user evaluation report (ps, pdf) 42
D28Production and transportation planning problem instance database (ps, pdf)42
D29Complete software system for structured combinatorial optimization problems (web site)42
D30Testbed for experimental algorithmics, final release (web site)42
D32Third progress report (ps, pdf)42
D33Final report (ps, pdf)42

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