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I'm currently studying Computer Science at the University of Århus.

This is my Daimi-website, but take a look at my other websites as well.

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Binary File Schemas

Binary File Schema Editor

For a while I've been working on a project I call "Binary File Schemas". It is a schema-like language that can define the contents of binary files. It is very simple but because of that it also has some drawbacks. I've written a technical document about how it works here:
Binary File Schemas (link also available in the menu to the right).

Currently my editor can syntax-highlight based on a run though the data that it parses (no local coloring). The Binary File Schema "Compiler" is made up of a set of "phases" it runs through (pretty much like in our Compiler Theory course) in which it makes sure the schema is valid and sound.

Disk Usage Analyzer for Windows

Disk usage analyzer screenshot

This is a tiny application I made to create a graphical chart over the space-usage of your harddrive and folders.
It is heavily inspired by the Disk Usage Analyzer tool that comes with the standard Ubuntu installation.

Now I made that functionality available for all platforms that can run .NET applications. I haven't tested it on a Mac (since I don't have one), but it works good on Linux except for a few GUI issues.

Requires the .NET 3.5 runtime.

To download go to the Disk Usage Analyzer project page:
Disk Usage Analyzer

Work in progress: TowerDefence game

Lately I've been working on my own 3D engine from scratch with the aim at making a little Tower-Defence game (as known from Warcraft 3).
It is implemented in C# using the Tao framework that wraps OpenGL.
The reason why I'm using OpenGL is because I started the project in Mono on Linux. XNA would probably be a more obvious choice, but then I get the fun of implementing all the interesting features myself and really practice my software architecture skills :)
The engine is very object oriented and makes it quite easy to make something work quickly.
It is built around a layer-system where the developer can put any object in different layers that defines the drawing order on the screen. While it is a neat way of handling 3D/interface separation it can be used to get higher framerates as well.

Engine features so far:
Module based design
Loads: OBJ (for models),TGA (for textures) and vertex/pixel shader files.
Simple terrain system (as seen in the screenshot)
Render-to-texture (seen in the screenshot where I use it to render the water's depth effect)
Eventing system for input and control

Game features so far:
Move around with WSAD keys and zooming in/out with mouse-wheel.
Placing 4 different towers (some animated) with the mouse using the 1,2,3 and 4 keys.



Jeg har lavet en lille effekt som virker i de "bedre" browsere (hvilket udelukker Internet Explorer 6). Den går kort sagt ud på at den "faker" hvordan Windows Vista laver en 'blur' effekt på alt hvad der ligger bagved. Dette er ikke rigtigt muligt i realtime med javascript(!) så bruger et CSS trick der gør det meget godt :-)

Klik på billedet for at afprøve det i realtime!