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- link semantics

Arcs can be annotated with abstract behaviour information using the following arc attributes:

show - what happens when the link is activated?
Possible values:
insert the target resource (the one at the end of the arc) immediately after the display of the source resource (the one at the beginning of the arc, where traversal was initiated) (example: as images in HTML)
display the target resource some other place without affecting presentation of the resource from which traversal was initiated (example: as target="_new" in an HTML link)
replace the presentation of the resource containing the linking element with a presentation of the one being linked to (example: as normal HTML links)
behaviour specified elsewhere
actuate - when is the link activated?
Possible values:
traverse the link immediately when recognized (example: as HTML images)
traverse when explicitly requested (example: as normal HTML links)
behaviour specified elsewhere
Note: these notions of link behaviour are rather abstract and do not make sense for all applications.