Related ForskEl smartgrid project (VPP4SGR)

2013.12.17 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

Researchers from the Ecosense project have become partners in a new project about Smar Grid technology and adoption. The project is entitled Virtual Power Plant for Smart Grid Ready buildings and customers (VPP4SGR) in cooperation with Aarhus Kommune, Alexandra Instituttet, Grundfos Holding A/S, Develco A/S, and DONG Engergy A/S.

The project is researching the challenge that future electric systems will be significantly different from the electric system we know today: Changes are needed once the large quantity of renewable energy sources should be integrated and utilized in an optimal way. Technically and economically viable solutions must be developed to ensure the balance between electricity production and consumption.

In tomorrow’s electric system (the “Smart Grid”) much more flexibility is needed from the electricity customers. Furthermore, the interaction between the different energy systems must be utilized to a much greater extent than today. In addition, customers need to be involved to become a useful asset in the demand response of the smart grid. To be successful, the involvement of the users should be based on other incentives than just the economic one. This involvement of users and sensing of their activities provide synergy with the EcoSense analysis methods.

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