PhD on Location privacy accomplished

2013.12.17 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

Mads Schaarup Andersen recently successfully defended his PhD “Multi-dimensional Location Privacy - Concepts, Architecture, and User Interface”. Partly funded by the EcoSense project, Mads has been looking into the privacy challenges in a world where mobile devices sharing location are increasingly becoming part of everyday life. This is very important in the context of EcoSense, since a lot of its concepts are based on sensing various data about users such as their location over time. One of the major results of his work is a multi-dimensional model of location privacy, called the SITA model, in which the data shared is divided into the four fundamental dimensions of: space, identity, time, and activity. In this model the four fundamental data dimensions can be handled separately making it possible to control privacy in each of the four dimensions independently.

In order to pursue his academic career, Mads has recently accepted a postdoctoral research associate position at The Open University in the United Kingdom where he will start in early January. In this position he will continue his work on exploring the privacy challenges in ubiquitous computing from a human computer interaction perspective.

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