2012.11.22 |

Smart City ideas presented to Minister

On Monday, November 19, 2012, the Minister of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs Carsten Hansen visited Aarhus. The occasion was the Smart Aarhus focus, which he was introduced to. His tour around Aarhus ended at the Interactive Spaces Laboratory  at the IT City of Katrinebjerg, which over the years has laid floors to many innovative installations.…

2012.11.21 |

Workshop with residents at Grundfos dormitory

On November 15, 2012, five facilitators from the Alexandra Institute held a workshop with 31 residents at the Grundfos dormitory.The residents visited Grundfos in Bjerringbro. They had all previously been guided around the company. The purpose of the workshop was to gain insight into the residents’ daily life at the dormitory and their experiences…

2012.11.14 |

Experience from collaboration between ethnographic research and technical research

On November 14, 2012 Professor Kaj Grønbæk, manager of the EcoSense project at AU, and Anthropologist, Johanne Mose Entwistle, Alexandra Institute, were invited to present to the Board of the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation their visions for and experiences so far with the collaboration between ethnographic and technical…

2012.10.22 |

EcoSense student project: Better utilization of wind power in Denmark

As part of their studies at AU Herning, three Business Development Engineer students have investigated how surplus energy from wind mills can be used to produce heat in a cost competitive way compared to existing technologies. Their conclusions are meant to serve as a foundation for further research in EcoSense.

2012.10.22 |

EcoSense visits the University of Helsinki

This August, Ecosense members Henrik Blunck and Markus Wüstenberg visited the Adaptive Computing group at the University of Helsinki to set up and engage in collaboration with Petteri Nurmi and other group members on Ecosense-related topics, including automatic detection of transportation events from mobile sensing data. Further themes of the…

2012.10.22 |

Mobility and Traffic Planning Arranged by Aarhus Municipality

On the 27th of September EcoSense project members Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard and Matthias Nielsen participated in a meeting organised by Michael Bloksgaard from the EcoSense partner Aarhus Municipality, with the purpose of establishing relations between, and knowledge of, current practices in traffic planning, usage of existing data, and desires for…

2012.09.25 |

Mads Schaarup Andersen is examining privacy in the mobile sensing platform

Mads Schaarup Andersen was recently attached to the EcoSense project. He has been a PhD student at Aarhus University since May 2009, and has been studying privacy preservation methods in location based services. In relation to EcoSense his research is aiming at examining privacy in the mobile sensing platform. His current research interests…

2012.09.18 |

Grundfos has become new partner in EcoSense

The Danish pump manufactor Grundfos has become a new partner of the EcoSense project. Grundfos will in particular contribute with access to their newly established Grundfos Dormitory on the Harbor of Aarhus. This building has been equipped with a huge amount of sensors that can measure all sorts of environmental parameters in the building, which…

2012.09.18 |

PhD course in studying technology in use "in the wild"

EcoSense and the Center for Participatory IT ( offer a PhD course which will prepare students for empirical studies of mobile and ubiquitous technologies in use 'in the wild', and it will help them reflect on their experiences of carrying out such studies. Gathering data and analyzing it will be in focus.

2012.05.01 |

Danish Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education meets EcoSense scientists

On this year’s Festival of Research at Aarhus University computer scientists from the EcoSense project got the opportunity to show the Danish Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education how computer science research addresses this year's theme of Europe's challenges.

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