2013.12.17 |

E-car Readiness - for fleet analysis and the public

Insero E-mobility is currently utilizing the transportation mode detection techniques to provide fleet analyses for 21 municipalities. EcoSense developed an App, originally for the Research Festival, which can analyze transportation behavior for a user and assess the level of e-car readiness in terms of trips that cause problems for the range of…

2013.12.17 |

Herning bikes

In consequence of a presentation at the Skejby Industry Network for Green City activities, we were contacted and asked for assistance by Rambøll who established a contact with Herning Municipality and their bycycle campaign "Månen t/r”. Based on this case we have adapted our transportation mode detection infrastructure and algorithms to…

2013.07.29 |

New crowd-sensing technology maps our activities

EcoSense researchers at the Ubiquitouous Computing and Interaction research group at Department of Computer Science are working on developing the technology and software based on crowd-sensing that can make it possible to perform contemporary censuses indoor and outdoor by registering smartphones.

2013.06.28 |

The "InserOmaten" app ath the Festival of Research

The "InserOmaten" app was demonstrated at the Festival of Research, as an example of using EcoSense transport pattern detection. People today find it difficult in practice to figure out if their driving pattern matches having an electric car. Therefore, the EcoSense project has developed the app called "InserOmaten" which can help people…

2013.06.28 |

EcoSense at the Festival of Research

On this year’s Festival of Research at Aarhus University the EcoSense project got the opportunity to show and tell how the project's research addresses this year's theme of Smart Energy. In the exhibition area the project demoed a smartphone app that gives people feedback on if they are ready to switch to an electrical vehicle by judging their…

2013.06.28 |

EcoSense researchers at ACM e-Energy conference

On May 22th to 24th three EcoSense team members participated in the fourth International Conference on Future Energy Systems (ACM e-Energy), held in Berkeley, California. The conference aims to be the premier venue for researchers working in the broad areas of computing and communication for smart energy systems (including the smart grid), and in…

2013.05.16 |

Dialog between research, industry and green cities

The EcoSense project invites industrial partners and representatives from the green cities to a partner day. 24 participate in workshops to get a deeper dialogue between researchers, business partners and green cities. The aim is knowledge sharing among the partners and generate new ideas for interesting new cases.

2012.12.21 |

Video - CO2 footprinting using smartphone transportation mode sensing

The objective of the EcoSense research project is to develop novel collective sensing, macroscopic analysis and visualization tools to help reduce environmental footprints . One example of such tools is to use smartphones to sense mode of transportation and from that estimate CO2 footprints. Furthermore, information about transportation can be…

2012.12.21 |

New professor in the EcoSense project

Allan Gross, Professor at AU Herning What is your research background? I have a Ph.D. in Geophysics, Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Bachelors in Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen. I have worked as Scientist and Senior Scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute, Senior Scientist at NERI (AU) and ENVS (AU). From…

2012.12.21 |

Students from AU Herning bring people's energy concumption in their homes into focus

As part of the EcoSense project a group of students from AU Herning are working on measuring the water consumption. Steffen Lauridsen and his two fellow-students, Kim Kristiansen and Martin Boel are working on a prototype of a water gauge that measures the water consumption in people’s homes. The water gauge must be able to collect data on a…

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