2022: Formal Software Verification
Advanced Topics in Programming Language Theory

2021: Formal Software Verification

2020: Functional Programming

2019: Functional Programming

2018: Functional Programming

2017: Mads Buch's master thesis on formalizing differential privacy
Organized autumn school on Computer Aided Cryptography Proofs
2016: Computer Aided Crypto Proofs (10ETCS)
In 2015 I taught a PhD-course on Homotopy type theory: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics.
Homotopy type theory: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics
Course on Coq homotopy type theory library at CMU (2015)
Reading course homotopy type theory, Chalmers (2014)
Seminar on simplicial methods (2012) Semantics of Logic Programming 2012.
Semantics of Logic Programming 2011.

Semantics of Logic Programming 2010.

Formal Methods 2009.

2010: Bachelor thesis by Martin Devillers (2010)

Developed and taught two courses in the masterclass mathematical logic:
Type theory and Proof Assistants (with Geuvers)
Constructivism and the continuum (with Veldman)

Semantics and Logic 1
Formal Thinking for information scientists. (with Barendregt).